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Metal Roof Turrets

In architecture, a turret (from Italian: torretta, little tower; Latin: turris, tower) is a small tower that projects vertically from the wall of a building such as a medieval castle. A turret usually forms part of a larger structure. The shape of the base of the turret is usually round (conical top) but a number of six or eight sided angular bases (tent roof with angles) can also be found. It might contain a staircase if it projects higher than the building; however, a turret is not necessarily higher than the rest of the building. In some cases, it is typically part of a room, that can be simply walked into

A building may have both towers and turrets and turrets might be smaller or higher but the difference is generally considered to be that a turret projects from the edge of the building, rather than continuing to the ground. The size of a turret is therefore limited by technology, since it puts additional stresses on the structure of the building. It would traditionally be supported by a corbel.

Turrets were used to provide a projecting defensive position allowing covering fire to the adjacent wall in the days of military fortification. As their military use faded, turrets were adopted for decorative purposes, as in the Scottish baronial style. They first appeared in England and most of Europe at the same time. Turrets are usually built for an interesting architectural design and a fine view from the turret. Turrets normally have a slate roof, glass windows, and the framing is usually wood. They are usually as close to a circle as possible. Turrets in Perkasie may be found on homes constructed with wood framing & siding, brick, or stone building materials. Windows may feature stained glass designs with thick leading which gives the window a Medieval look.

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