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Custom Manufatured Metal Gutter Profiles

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Custom Manufactured Rain Gutter Profiles Explained...

Commercial Box Gutter

Often found on commercial building's. Box gutters can be made with little more than a metal break and coil stock - often found seamed together with rivets and welded. Box gutters can be made to almost any size Calebs Sheet Metal - Commercial Box Gutter - Denver Sheet Metal Shop
** Standard Material: Aluminum (.040), Copper (16 oz.), Steel (26 Ga.)
(*Other metal choices available)

“K” or “O/G” Style Seamed or Seamless Gutter

  • 5" K Style - The most popular gutter on the market today. Commonly sold by contractors as seamless gutter system where they roll form the gutter on site out of coil stock.
  • 6" K Style - The same as 5" only a little bigger for carrying larger volumes of water of residential or light commercial roofs.
  • 7" K Style - A true commercial gutter for handling the large quantities of water coming off of commercial roofing systems.
Calebs Sheet Metal - K Style Gutters - Denver Sheet Metal Shop
** Standard Material: Aluminum (.040), Copper (16 oz.), Steel (26 Ga.)
(*Other metal choices available)

Half Round Style Gutter

Half Round Copper / Aluminum - A historic gutter found on older building and also very common on churches. They patina to a green color over time and can last decades. Often installed with exterior brackets. Aluminum replicas are available today.

Half Round Steel - Rarely used anymore, steel gutters were mostly abandoned because they were prone to rust. You can still purchase them in sections for recreating a particular look. Calebs Sheet Metal - Half Round Gutters - Copper and Steel - Denver Sheet Metal Shop
** Standard Material: Aluminum (.040), Copper (16 oz.), Steel (26 Ga.)
(*Other metal choices available)

Fascia Style Gutter

The “fascia” style of gutter is popular in several parts of the country. It is very similar to the K - Style Profile except the sides are straightened out and the face made smooth. Its architectural style resembles crown molding which accents the trim

This style of profile tends to hold more water since the trough is boxy rather than curved. Since they hold more water, the can be narrower and less obtrusive. This makes them less noticable, but still have the desired results.

There are several styles of this profile including super or deep fascia style. Calebs Sheet Metal - Fuscia Style Gutter - Denver Sheet Metal Shop
**Standard Material: Aluminum (.040), Copper (16 oz.), Steel (26 Ga.)
(*Other metal choices available)

Custom Metal Gutters

Gutters are metal channels that are attached to the edges of structures with down slopes.

They enable water to escape via leaders and downspouts, preventing water from pooling on rooftops and other sloping structures. Without gutters water can collect under ground and leak into the foundation walls flooding the basement or undermine the foundation itself. When water flows torward walls it can seep into cracks and get inside, causing mold and other damage.

Continuous rain gutters offer the most efficient way to channel and drain rainwater. Most Metal Gutters from Calebs come in 10 foot length's, and are professionally seamed together to prevent water from leaking. High-quality seamless metal gutters are also available from Calebs Sheet Metal catch all roof runoff and carry water to downspouts without any leaking or dripping.

Calebs Sheet Metal offers a wide variety of rain gutter profiles and colors. Calebs Sheet Metal can manufacture many types of gutter solutions including Commercial Box Gutters , Common Style K, and many more. Calebs can manufacture any profile or size gutter to meet your needs. See our list on this page for examples or call us today to find out more.

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